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The mission of the Utah Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum is to honor the cowboy, along with those men and women whose lives exemplify the independence, resilience and creativeness of the people who settled Utah and continue to champion the Western way of life.  The museum honors artists, champions, entertainers, musicians, ranchers, writers and those persons past and present, who have promoted the western life style.

It is the museum’s goal to collect artifacts that paint a historical picture of the diversity related to the establishment and development of our Western ethic, including those accessories that are peculiar to the American Cowboy.

Eventually, the museum will include a research center that will contain photographs and histories, oral and written, documenting Utah’s Western culture and its people. A library of books and materials detailing the various facets of western settlement will also be available to researchers and the public.

As the museum grows and continues to acquire items relevant to the goals of the institution, rotating and permanent exhibits will inspire visitors to learn about the richness of Utah’s western heritage and its relevance for the state today.

Hall of Fame Application

The Utah Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum honors men and women whose lives exemplify the independence and resilience of the people who settled Utah, and includes artists, champions, entertainers, musicians, ranchers, writers, and those persons, past and present, who have promoted the Western way of life.

Nominations for honorees to be inducted into the Hall of Fame each year must be received no later than January 31. A selection committee will meet the following month to review all nominations and narrow the selection pool to ten people.  The final inductees will be chosen by the Ogden Pioneer Days Foundation and its committees.   The final selections will be announced some time before July.

If you are interested in nominating someone for the Utah Cowboy Hall of Fame please download the application below. If you have questions regarding the nomination process please email Dave Prevedel at gprevedel@msn.com.

Apply to the Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame Inductees

The Utah Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum honors men and women whose lives exemplify the independence and resilience of the people who settled Utah, and includes artists, champions, entertainers, musicians, ranchers, writers, and those persons, past and present, who have promoted the Western way of life.

Visit the Utah Cowboy Western Heritage Museum to see items donated from these amazing inductees.


  • Marvin Dunbar
  • Don Kennington
  • Mary Shaw-Drake
  • Norman “Shorty” Thompson
  • Kenneth Woolstenhulme
  • Cody Wright


  • Tanya McKinnon Bartlett
  • Gary Cooper
  • Bud Favero
  • Jack Hannum
  • Dean Steed
  • Francisco Zamora


  •     James W. Fain
  •     Ron & Ginger Brown
  •     Bar T Rodeo
  •     Dale Pendleton
  •     James “Jim” B. Smith
  •     U. Grant Speed


  •     Archie Anderson
  •     The Baldwins:  George Henry, Angus and George Earl
  •     Glen Thompson
  •     Earl W. Bascom
  •     Rose Flynt Bascom “Texas Rose”
  •     Vicki Vest Woodward 


  •     Cotton & Karin Rosser
  •     Connie Della Lucia Robinson
  •     Susan Merrill Agricola
  •     Lewis and Calvin Grant
  •     Kenneth “Ken” Cross
  •     Judy Butler Anderson
  •     Weber County Sheriff’s Posse
  •     J. G. Read
  •     Harman W. Peery
  •     Lewis Feild
  •     Lorene Donaldson Call

Emeritus Honorees

Since the Utah Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum was established in 2011 the goal was to honor those individuals who had contributed to the Western life style within Utah. Since that time our knowledge has expanded, and we realized there were a number of individuals who have made significant contributions to cowboy way of life, many of whom have been deceased for years.

Upon discussion within the committee, it was determined to have an Emeritus category, where some of these individuals could be honored for their impact on what has been referred to as the “Western Way of Life” – determination, hard work, honesty and development not only related to the sport of rodeo, but also for the ranchers and others who played a considerable role on progress within the state.

They will receive an Emeritus Certificate of Honor, and their names will be engraved on a plaque, which will be placed within the museum.

2017 Emeritus Honoree:

  • Preston Nutter – Utah Cattle Baron, 1850-1936

2016 Emeritus Honorees:

  • The Bascom Brothers – Though their western influence was most prominent in Canada, the “Bronc Bustin’ Bascom Boys” were born in Utah, and although the family moved to Canada when they were young, they did much to influence the sport of rodeo and promote the cowboy culture not only in Canada, but in Utah and other states as well.  The father of the four boys was John W. Bascom, born 1869. He lived in Uintah County, Utah as a young man where he became a rancher and a lawman. He served as a deputy Sheriff chasing members of the Wild Bunch. He took his family to Canada in 1914. It was there his four sons started their illustrious rodeo careers.
    • Raymond “Tommy” Bascom, born 1901: A rodeo champion who participated in all competitive categories; was a member of the rodeo historical society; a movie actor; and an inductee of the Sports Hall of Fame.
    • Melvin “High Pockets” Bascom, born 1903: International rodeo contestant in all facets of rodeo; rodeo committeeman; rodeo producer; stock contractor; rancher; western movie actor; rodeo historical society members; Sports Hall of Fame inductee.
    • Earl W. Bascom, born 1906: A champion, inventor and artist; already inducted into the Utah Cowboy Hall of Fame and others as well.
    • Weldon “Preacher” Bascom, born 1912: A rodeo champion who participated in all competitive categories; was a champion; a rodeo producer and stock contractor; rodeo announcer; rodeo newspaper reporter, and inductee to the Sports Hall of Fame.
  • Charles Redd – He operated one of the larger ranching operations in Southeastern Utah, watching over herds of sheep and cattle, as well as the lambing, calving and shearing operations. Over the years, with hard work, frugality and wise investment, he improved the quality of his herds and expanded into western Colorado. Among a few of his involvements, he helped organize and then presided over the National Wool Marketing Association, and served three terms in the Utah Legislature. He also established the Lemuel H. Redd Chair in Western History and the Charles Redd Center for Western Studies at Brigham Young University.
  • John Albert Scorup – A pioneer Utah rancher who ran one of the largest cattle operations in the nation, with livestock ranging over much of Southern Utah.

J. A. Scorup PicLge  Chas Redd Pic




Get acquainted with our Utah Cowboy & Western Heritage museum committee.  They are the ones that make the museum, Tools of the Cowboy Trade, and Hall of Fame Work.

  • Susie Van Hooser – Chairman
  • Judy B. Anderson – Marketing & Advertising Liason
  • Brent Baldwin – Memorabilia Specialist
  • Angie Burton – Art & Entertainment Liason
  • Connie Cox – Secretary
  • Shary Cunningham – Marketing & Advertising
  • Steve Johnson – Art & Entertainment Liason
  • Dave Prevedel – Hall of Fame Nomination Manager
  • Connie D. Robinson – Art & Entertainment Liason
  • Paula P. Smith — Community Liaison
  • Mike Schlosser – Weber County Sheriff’s Mounted Posse Liason
  • Bob Urry – Art & Entertainment Liason
  • Vicki Woodward – Corresponding Secretary

Judy B. Anderson

Judy has spent her life in Weber County, and while enamored of horses from an early age, didn’t receive her own until a teenager.  Conscientious effort helped her win the Miss Rodeo Ogden title in 1959.  She helped her father collect the names of all former queens for a reunion that was held in 1962.  At that time, they organized as The Ogden Rodeo Queens Association, and Judy served as Secretary or Historian for the twenty-five years the organization was active.

In her later years she compiled a book on Ogden Pioneer days and the rodeo queens, called A Grand Celebration.  As a result, she made the acquaintance of Susie Van Hooser, who spearheaded the publication of the book through the Weber County Heritage Foundation.  When Susie was asked to take the initiative in getting a western museum up and running in 2012, she asked Judy to be one of her committee members, and she still serves in that capacity.

She hopes one day the museum will have room for a library, so people have access to the over 300 books they have obtained on the history and crafts of the American Indian and the people and skills associated with the old west.

Brent Baldwin

Brent Baldwin is a cowboy, a Viet Nam Vet, a master barber, and an avid collector of western memorabilia.  He is one of our go-to people when we need to know if something we are interested in is good or not.  He started collecting vintage western gear when only 12, and it became a habit never to be broken.  Presently he is specializing in Vaquero memorabilia.

Many of the items on display in the museum were bought or borrowed from Brent.  He was thrilled there was a place that could display these things, and feels it important that the western heritage is preserved.

Shary Cunningham

Former Miss Rodeo Ogden, Miss Rodeo Utah, Intermountain Appaloosa Queen and Golden Spike Livestock Queen.  Served on Miss Rodeo Ogden and Miss Rodeo Utah committees.  Little Buckaroo and Miss Utah High School Queen chairman.

With my experiences in promoting rodeo and the western lifestyle, I believe that the Utah Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum will keep alive the pioneering spirit that Utah has always displayed.  Each year the museum recognizes individuals that have represented these qualities by naming them to the Hall of Fame.  This is a unique way to honor them and to make the public aware of their contributions.  All inductees are displayed in our informative museum.  Each month the museum presents a guest artist for the Tools of the Cowboy Trade Series during Ogden’s First Friday Art Stroll.  These presentations make valuable information and crafts available in a personal interaction with the artist.

Steve Johnson

Steve Johnson is a life long resident of Huntsville Utah. He makes a living painting and illustrating the contemporary cowboy lifestyle. His beautiful wife Kristin is responsible for their raising four great kids. Levi, an accomplished saddle maker in Bozeman, Montana; Isaac an exceptional horseman in Sheridan, Wyoming; Cheyenne and her husband Austin Chipoletti, cowboy in New Castle, Wyoming; Cooper works on the Sunlight Ranch in Cody, Wyoming.  Everything in Steve’s environment and family give him great reference for his paintings and drawings.

Steve has helpful input when it comes to searching out those individuals who would be interesting exhibitors for our “Tools of the Cowboy Trade.”

Connie Robinson

Connie’s involvement with horses, rodeo and the western way of life began with the Junior Posse.  She then advanced to High School Rodeo where she competed in barrel racing, pole bending, goat tying and queen contest events.  She held the titles of Miss Rodeo Ogden, Miss Rodeo Utah and Miss Rodeo American, where she served as an ambassador for the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association and promoted the western industry across the country.  She is an accomplished WPRA barrel racer, and has served on the Ogden Pioneer Days Rodeo Committee, Miss Rodeo Ogden and Miss Rodeo Utah committees for many years.  In her spare time she likes anything related to the outdoors.  Some of her favorite activities are  running, riding, biking and gardening.

She hopes to help the museum to become Utah’s premier institution of Western History, Art and Culture through the collecting and preserving of Utah art and artifacts.  She helps promote educational opportunities and programs to stimulate interest in the legacy of our American West.

Mike Schlosser

Born and raised in Utah, Mike graduated from Weber State College and has been a life-long horseman and western history buff who is descended from an early Utah ranching family.  He is a 100 per cent disabled, veteran of the Vietnam war, a father or four children, and a grandfather of eight.

He was a founding member, and the first commander of the Morgan County Mounted Sheriff’s Posse.  He is also a founding member and member of the board for the Back Country Horsemen of Utah, serving as its first president.  He is presently a member and board member of the Weber County Sheriff’s Mounted Posse. He was called to serve on the museum committee in 2014.

Paula P. Smith

Paula has three children and their spouse’s and eight grand children. She has always loved the western way of life. She has been active in horse 4 H, Posse leader, and Spiker Rodeo Team Secretary.  She have timed at rodeo’s, been a Judge for Rodeo Queen Pageants, & have been Queen coordinator for the Wilderness Circuit Rodeo Queen Pageant. She has helped at the Ogden Pioneer days Rodeo selling tickets, helping to get the Cowboy Tent up and running, and helped in the VIP Cabin.  She has cheered all three of her kids at their rodeo’s, and now gets to cheer for her grand kids.  She would love to see the Cowboy Museum grow.  It is such a wonderful organization.  She would like to help them find a bigger place so they could display all their wonderful treasures and donations they have received and worked so hard to acquire.

Bob Urry

Bob belongs to the Utah Cowboy Poetry Association. He, his son and grandson provided an evening of entertainment for the Museum’s first “Art Stroll” – as then known – keeping everyone with a smile on their face. He works as a liaison with the organization when they help us with Hall of Fame activities.

Vicki V. Woodward

Vicki has always loved horses and rodeo, and was persistent in her quest to become Miss Rodeo Ogden, gaining that title in 1985. She went on to win Miss Rodeo Utah, and Miss Rodeo America. During her time as the national queen, she served as a hostess at the Pro Rodeo Hall of Champions Museum. For the past 25 years she has belonged to the Utah State Western Riding Club Association. During that time she has served as State President, North Region Vice President, District Director and State Judge. Currently she works as a buyer for the Davis School District.