Union Station Mobbed by Cycling Masters

Riders line up in Grand Lobby of Union StationFor 2014 Cycling Masters Road National Championships

Got to Union Station this afternoon (Tuesday) to a real mob scene; registration for the 2014 USA Cycling Masters Road National Championships.

This is a major deal. Organizers say more than 850 individual riders are registered for four days of mad cycling around Ogden, Ogden Valley and Antelope Island. All the riders are 35 years and older, which is where the “Masters” part comes in but, I can testify, being older doesn’t mean slower or weaker or less mean out on the road.

Michael Ackley, ready to ride

Riders are here from all over the nation. If your restaurant is jammed with folks you don’t recognize this weekend, that’s why. Figure a couple thousand folks are in town.

I ran into Michael Ackley, an Ogden resident, who said for some silly reason he’s riding in all three days of races. He admitted the idea lacks common sense, but what did that ever have to do with cycling?

“9 a.m., I’ll be out there,” at Antelope Island Wednesday morning, he said. “I’m first in line, so everyone follows me.” Mike is in the 65-69 age group, which is where I’d be too if I lacked common sense.

The riders will do a day of time trials on Antelope Island Wednesday morning. Thursday and Friday they do road races starting at Snowbasin ski resort and circling Pineview Reservoir — the older riders “only” ride 49 km loops, while the younger folk do 73 km.

Caren Werner, Ogden Convention and Visitors Bureau

shows off their commemorative T-shirt

Award ceremonies each night will be at Union Station.

Saturday, all day, they’ll be riding criterion races around central Ogden, so the Farmer’s Market will be shoved over around the Federal Building again.

Be sure and pick up the Convention and Visitor’s Center special T-shirt. It’s a lovely cycling design commemorating the  event with (uh-HUM!) a lovely historic building in the background that we all know and love.

Have fun. Ride boldly.

Note lovely historic building on T-shirt!