Union Station Has Been Framed

A couple weeks ago I told you about how Derek Henderson volunteered to rip all the wood off an old caboose at Union Station.


Derek’s team and I and another friend or two spend a fun day ripping the old caboose apart. Derek and his team spent the next week collecting the wood and ripping the rest off that car which, I hasten to add, was a lot better built than any of us expected.


Derek wanted to make the wood into picture frames. Today he brought some samples by. They’ll be sold in the Union Station gift shop and wherever else he can think of. Have to admit, they’re pretty spiffy.


We’re still working to get the steel from the caboose salvaged and hope to sell or trade the trucks — wheels and suspension — to another railroad museum in exchange for whatever we can get.


Point is, a trashed and burned junkheap of a caboose that was mostly a motel for transients is being repurposed, bit by bit, as art.