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Union Station Featured on LA TV show

Tracy Ehrig, Union Station Business Manager looks on as and Rich Koski, Ogden Convention and Visitors Bureau, talks to Tina Malave

Rich Koski, Ogden Convention and Visitors Bureau, talks to Tina Malave

Union Station’s business manager Tracy Ehrig was shepherding some folks with a TV camera around the grand lobby when I wandered in to work this morning. Turns out they are from ABC-7 in Los Angeles filming a segment for the “Eye on LA” show. Tina Malave, the reporter, said the show is normally aimed at foodies in LA, local history of LA, or folks looking for things to do in the big city. Sometimes that includes fun road trips, she said, so they’re doing a segment on Ogden. She said they have visited Snowbasin and Powder Mountain, visited the Dinosaur Park and spent some time on Historic 25th Street, looking at the businesses and many restaurants. Today they’re touring Union Station.

The segment will air Jan. 25 at 6:30 p.m., she said, and while they don’t stream the show on-line there may be segments of it available there. The show’s web site is\eyeonla.

Too fun.

Tina Malave, Eye on LA, talks to Tracy Ehrig, UnionStation Business Manager

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