Plein Air Art Terrific

Sidewalk Art for the Art Fest

Get ur buns down to Union Station Friday or Saturday and check out the Plein Air art show. You will NOT be disappointed.


OK, the rest of the festival should be pretty cool too. And I am not saying this because they plied me with  Champaign and pot stickers Thursday night. They also had chocolate-covered strawberries.


Only In Ogden shoots Kristen Jamieson

in front of her painting

The Plein Air show and auction is up Friday and Saturday all during the Ogden Art Festival, which kicks off Friday (today if you see this June 7). We got a sneak peek Thursday evening at the opening, more than 70 pieces by artists who slapped them all together between Friday morning and Tuesday. A few of the oil paintings are still damp.


These were quick, but not hurried. One of the purchase awards is a lovely sunset by the 21st Street Pond by Kristen Jamieson which she admits she did in fewer than the allowed 5 days because she started late, but she does a lot of those sorts of sunsets, she said, so it wasn’t all THAT hard.


Yeah, right.


Another award was won by a painting/sculpture of the Wattis house on Eccles Avenue by Christopher Yancy. His medium — a sort of epoxy putty — is ideal for a quick competition like this because the stuff hardens in three hours, ready or not.


Viewers study entries

What is particularly noticeable is how the artists managed to find such amazing images to paint right here at home, in Ogden and environs. If you ever think your hometown is bland, check these out — the beauty is there, you just have to know how to look.


I had fun checking out all the works housed in Union Station back where the gem and mineral museum used to be. All works are up for silent auction between now and Saturday afternoon, proceeds going to the Union Station.


Only In Ogden was there taking pictures, as per usual.


Jamieson’s work.

Today and Saturday the rest of the Art Festival will also be going on. Music, art, movies, a play. You name it.


All that good stuff.






Union Stn. Director Roberta Bevelry, left, makes a point to

artist Susan Snyder at the Plein Air Show



Joseph Alleman’s “Vacant Lot,” one of the many

amazing works in the show