Browning, A History


John M.Browning learned his trade from his father Johnathan, a gunsmith. The family background and inventive ability were brought to bear on a new field opened by the recent invention of the metallic cartridge. The initial effort was to improve the firearms that were used for hunting the big game that was plentiful and a large component of early western life. His inventions expanded from there to include all facets of firearms and dominated the field up to the present day.

Browning designs have been the basis for many of the models manufactured by Winchester, Colt, Remington, Stevens, and Fabrique National (FN) of Belgium. The Browning Arms Company is located in Morgan, Utah and has been a continuing supporter of the John M. Browning Arms Museum.

Four generations of Brownings are represented in the museum. From Johnathan, the father, there is the “Harmonica” and a revolving cylinder rifle. John M.’s son, Val A., did much of the early work on the superposed shotgun. Bruce W., John M.’s grandson is an inventor and designer of some of the more recent Browning firearms.