Chamber Spikers Gandy Dance at Union Station

The Spikers

The Spikers at the Chamber Ogden/Weber needed a new publicity photo, and what more natural than to shoot it at Union Station, home of a really spiffy replica of the original Golden Spike.

Also a place that used to be connected by rails to Promontory, home of the Golden Spike Historical Site where the original Golden Spike was driven.

OK, I beat that one to death.

Anyway, the Spikers, a couple dozen of them, turned out in all their be-pinned livery to array themselves on our Gandy Dancer, a self-propelled little rail device for getting down the rails, as made famous in such epic films as “Blazing Saddles” and “Oh Brother Where Art Thou.”

My hat is off to Ryan Hadley of Masterpiece Images, whose job it was to herd those cats into position. As you can see, a fun time was had by all, especially when Ryan stopped taking pictures and they could play with the new toy.

The Spikers do pins the way Carter does pills.

Everyone said Cosmo Young had the most

Steve Jones, Union Station Foundation, and

Chamber director Dave Hardman chat.

Ryan Hadley directs the Spikers into position
Taking the shot.
Spikers learn how to Gandy Dance
And away they go.