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Union Station gets benched in a good way

One of the many strongly graphic images in the film “Road to Perdition” is inside the Chicago train station. The […]

Naked Steam Engines at Golden Spike

  Worker marks out inspection squares on 119’s steel housing. PROMONTORY — The two steam engines at Golden Spike National […]

Maintenance of Way Exhibit Gets Kid-friendly Upgrade

Union Station’s kid-friendly Maintenance of Way exhibit is getting an upgrade, both to make it more kid-friendly. Holly DeHaan, Clinton, […]

Need to know how to run a train? We’ve got you covered!

Joe Witten, UP Conductor, at work Union Station’s archive has a lot of obscure stuff because that’s what museums and […]

Secret Show Going Up

Artwork for this year’s Secret Art Show was hung Tuesday morning in Union Station’s grand lobby so come on down […]

The Long Legacy of Browning Automatic Pistols

Leon Jones shows pattern pistol for early Browning pistols. I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess […]

Postcards from the past, when letters took the bus

Ed Vendell shows his father’s presidentialappointment from Pres. Harry Truman Ed Vendell hit the philatelic pot of gold when Harry […]

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