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Gus Becker’s Other Legacy: Ogden Skiing

Gus Becker’s legacy as a brewmaster is long and fabled. Less known is his legacy as a promoter of the […]

TBT- The Railroad World That Disappeared

People like to talk about eras ending, and how America just isn’t American any more, but there are a couple […]

The Days The Circus Came to Ogden Were Amazing

Read “Something Wicked This Way Comes” by Ray Bradbury and you will yearn to experience the sort of traveling circus […]

Shades of trunk murders: You shipped what to Ogden?

I have related several fun episodes where someone shipped a dead body being in a trunk to Union Station — […]

A Father’s Gift to his Son, A Legacy From A Craftsman

I try to stick my nose into the gun museum at Union Station even if I’m only at the station […]

Ogden Annex Chicago? The Past Had Big Ideas

Ogden, today, aspires to be the recreational and outdoor capital of the nation, which sounds good, but once upon a […]

Displaying a very old love affair with a Hudson

Alan Stockland was 15 when he met his first love, an older woman, 20, glistening and shiny. It was an […]

Hispanic Fest Will Fill Union Station Saturday

  Channel 32, Univision, out of Salt Lake City, was busy interviewing folks outside of Union Station on Friday about […]

The Connection: Ellis Island and Union Station

So there were Dr. Trentelman and I, having lunch at Ellis Island, the place where millions of immigrants entered the […]

French gratitude car sparks World War II memories

The Standard-Examiner received a letter to the editor the other day about the French Gratitude Car in Union Station’s collection. […]

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