Big Brother is Watching the Rail Center

Union Station Foundation Director Roberta Beverly reports to your humble blogger that the Ogden Police are installing a surveillance camera to keep an eye on the south end of the Rail Center at Union Station.


Caboose sits outside the Rail Center south fence

This is a very good thing.


The rail center is just a hop-skip-and-jump from the big field that used to be the candy building, which is next door to St. Anne’s Center. While we have a fence around the south end of the center, there isn’t enough room in the center to put everything behind the fence, which is not hard to get around or over anyway.


While I have the utmost sympathy for the homeless, it is a sad truth that people who hang around the St. Anne’s Center, not to mention gangs and kids who live nearby, have been known to vandalize things, steal metal to sell and tag with gang symbols.


So protective surveillance is a good thing, although just how closely the dispatchers can watch the rail yard is unknown.


It’s a big city, they have a lot to do.


OPD has cameras all over Ogden as part of its effort to keep an eye on crime (Standard-Examiner had a story in 2011-click here)  and even wanted to put a blimp in the air with a camera at one point in time.  But unless someone sees the crime happening, and sends a cop, the camera doesn’t do much good except document what happens and, it is hoped, make the vandals feel a little self-conscious..


Still, the Utah State Railroad Museum has a lot of valuable stuff in that back lot, keeping it safe is a good goal, we thank the OPD for helping out.


Back end of the Golden Spike Centennial car



Charlie Trentelman is a retired columnist for the Standard-Examiner now volunteering as a blogger at the Union Station museums. He recently joined the Union Station Foundation Board of Directors, but any opinions in his blog are his and do not represent the opinion of the Union Station Foundation.