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Remains of 1944 Train Wreck Rusting Away at GSL?

Remains of Dec. 31, 1944 train wreck? OK, right up front, I don’t know the answer to the question that headline poses. I need to find sources, check witnesses, documents, and so on. Do you know? Call me, please. Email Having that out of the way, I got a call from Weber County Sheriff’s […]

The long and wide reach of Matthew S. Browning

Recently the Standard-Examiner ran a story about a local historic home for sale that might be — the sellers weren’t sure — connected to the Browning family? Sure enough: Carolyn Rich Rasmussen, a descendent of Matthew Sandefur Browning, wrote the paper, giving the entire lineage: Her uncle, John Franklin Ellis, who was married to Matthew’s […]

Please quit shipping dead people to Union Station

        One could be forgiven for thinking that Ogden’s Union Station was, in the past, a particularly brutal place.   I mean, what’s up with all the dead bodies in trunks? People were shipping them in.   As we saw in  a previous blog post (link) one showed up in 1913. That involved a […]

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Ogden Annex Chicago? The Past Had Big Ideas

Ogden, today, aspires to be the recreational and outdoor capital of the nation, which sounds good, but once upon a time it aimed a lot higher. How high? To be equal to Chicago. Yes, that Chicago — rail and transportation hub of the nation. Heck, why not merge the two? What’s a thousand miles or […]

A tragic snapshot of a life that was part of Ogden

Newspapers don’t publish stores about suicides any more, the thinking being that it is a private affair and the family has enough trouble. When I worked at the Standard-Examiner, starting in 1978, the policy was to ignore them unless they were public. Even obituaries, which at that time were staff-written, did not mention them unless […]

Bigfoot in Utah? In 1977 everyone thought so

One of the fun things about history is it has so many little nuggets of fun hidden around — the modern term is “Easter eggs,” things hidden to stumble across. Historians should tell more folks about these, because they are one of the things that make history fun. And history SHOULD be fun — it […]

Thank you, Georgia Turner

Union Station’s current life as a community center goes back to 1978, and it wouldn’t have survived until now if not for the free labor of hundreds of volunteers who donated literally thousands of hours of time, influence and skill. These are wonderful folks, and you hate to see them get a bit older every […]

Harm Peery Chases Down S-E Fotog!

Ogden’s history doesn’t get much more fun than Harm Peery, Ogden’s “Cowboy” Mayor and resident lovable crook. Peery, who was mayor several times in the 1930s and 1940s, was booked into jail often, mostly for alcohol or gambling violations at his bar, The Old Mill. He winked and nodded at crime in his town, figuring anything […]

Matthew Browning: Fireman, Burglar chaser!

Matthew S. Browning died a wealthy and respected banker in Ogden, but he started out having to scrabble his livelihood just like anyone else, hoping someone would buy stuff in his shop, dealing with shoplifters and chasing away burglars.  But from the beginning he was civic-minded, involved in his community. Matthew and his brother John […]

MS Browning, the “forgotten” brother

Ogden resident Steve Lindquist packed Union Station’s Dumke Conference room Tuesday with a talk about Matthew Sandefur Browning, and right now you are saying: “Who?” Everyone on the planet, pretty much, knows Matthew’s brother. John Moses Browning is the guy who invented all the guns that bear the Browning name, or so most people believe. […]

Willie Moore is History Well Preserved

Willie Moore is/was one of those Ogden institutions that needs to be preserved, but of course humans have a way of getting older on you. Which Willie did. Over the years, both when I worked at the Standard-Examiner and later, I watched Willie’s sometimes painful progress through life, getting older and more fragile as they […]

Old Ogden High Yearbooks Show A Different World

By Annie Roe Union Station Archive Blog Last week, I found a small collection of Ogden High yearbooks while exploring the archives. Well, they’re not exactly yearbooks. There are 4 of them, from the years 1907, 1909, 1911, and 1936. The official title written on all of them is Classicum. In fact, the only one […]

The amazing but quiet people among us

Union Station’s many volunteers look quiet, maybe quaint, even eccentric at times, but they’re amazing people when you scratch the surface. For example, consider Terry Curtis, who sits at our lobby information desk several days a week. He’s a smiling, happy guy who makes jewelry out of sea shells and squashed pennies from the penny pinch […]

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