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Asian American Heritage Day at Ogden’s Union Station

May 7, 2016 at Noon

In honor of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, the Union Station will be hosting an Asian American Heritage Day. Please join us this Saturday at noon to learn more about the history of Asian Americans in both Utah and the United States.

The traveling exhibit, Remembering 1882, on loan from the Chinese Historical Society of American, will be on display in the Grand Lobby.  In 1882 Congress passed the nation’s first major immigration legislation — a law to prevent people of Chinese descent from entering the United States. The law would tear apart families, cut the nation’s Chinese American population in half, and remove the right to become citizens.

Remembering 1882 explores the historical debate around the Exclusion Act from its origins through its full repeal in 1968, the civil rights struggle of Chinese Americans and allies, and the historic importance of habeas corpus in the Chinese American community. Drawn from photographs, newspaper commentaries, political cartoons, and other objects in CHSA’s collections, CHSA’s Remembering 1882 exhibit provides a flavor for the intrigue, passion and poignancy of this dramatic chapter in American history. Launched in San Francisco, the exhibit travels throughout the United States to civic institutions and community organizations.

Leland Wong, dumpling celebrity chef from San Francisco will give a talk and food demonstration on the food that Chinese laborers made and consumed while constructing the transcontinental railroad. Mr. Wong is also a descendant of a Chinese laborer who helped build the railroad.

Additionally, retired Utah Japanese American judge, Ray Uno will speak briefly about his Japanese ancestors who also contributed to the construction of the railroad after Chinese laborers were barred entry.  After that point, Japanese laborers were hired to lay the tracks elsewhere in the US, Canada and Alaska.  Unfortunately, they too were excluded in 1924 by an act of Congress.


Special thanks to artist, Corky Lee, for organizing this event.

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